#NephPath – The Tubulointerstitium

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NephPath 101 – Understanding the tubulointerstitium. – by NSMC2019 intern and nephro-pathologist Vighnesh Walavalkar.

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Excerpt –

The tubulointerstitium of the kidney is broadly divided into the cortex and the medulla. These are extremely important components of the kidney, which can show a broad spectrum of changes ranging from subtle to significant, in both acute and chronic kidney injury. Therefore, in order to recognize the pathologic changes in these areas, one must first be familiar with its normal architecture

In this post, we will cover the main histologic features of the normal tubulointerstitium as seen on diagnostic kidney biopsies. For a more in-depth review please refer to my favorite references for kidney pathology: Heptinstall’s Pathology of the Kidney, Silva’s Diagnostic Renal Pathology and Renal Pathophysiology, The Essentials.

DNAJB9: Demystifying Fibrillary Glomerulonephritis

Blog Post, NSMC 2019

Fibrillary glomerulonephritis (GN) is a rare disease which accounts for about 1% of all kidney biopsies. The very first description of the disease was published by Rosenmann and Eliakim in 1977. They described a patient with nephrotic syndrome due to deposition of what they describe as “an amyloid-like material in the glomeruli,” but upon ultrastructural analysis, this material “appeared shorter than amyloid fibrils”

Post by NSMC2019 Intern and Nephrology Fellow – Lovy Gaur

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How to organize your PDF library?

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My second blog post is about “How to organize your PDF library” in a way that you can easily retrieve papers you need without being in a mess. Despite it is not so easy, but these ways can facilitate your work. Try it!



The C Words: Chronicity, Cure & Care and the History of Hospital Medicine

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My first blog post for Renal Fellow Network – a reflective piece on the challenges we’ve inherited from the history of hospital development.


Dialysis vascular access in the elderly – The jury is still out

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My First Blog post in renal fellow network published on Tuesday 20th February, 2018. Mentored by prof Edgar Lerma and Dr. Nikhil Shah. The topic highlight the debate around the type of vascular access for elderly patients.

Dialysis vascular access in the elderly – The jury is still out

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Hungry for More: Food Insecurity and Kidney Disease

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I wrote a blog post on food insecurity as my first assignment for the NSMC 2018. It’s a topic that I feel passionately about, and think is under-recognized (especially in chronic disease in pediatric patients).

Hunger and Kidney Disease