#NephMadness 2019 – Baylor College of Medicine

Blog Post, NSMC 2019

The Section of Nephrology in the Department of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine hosted a #NephMadness 2019 kickoff party this year.  The event was a valuable window into trends, updates, and points of contention within the field of nephrology. Participants were preassigned a topic or region of the bracket, spoke 2-3 minutes about each topic and made a case for which topic they believe should win in front of an audience. #NephMadness brought faculty, fellows, residents and students together in a setting that is both fun and educational. Here are their perspectives:

Medical Student:

I was excited to attend. Last year, I put all of my faith behind the Animal House Region only to discover that few people share my interest in how the noble camel manages to store enough water to survive life in the desert. After that disappointing defeat, I was hopeful that this party would give me inside information about the fellows’ and attendings’ thoughts on each of the regions. It was entertaining to see which topics received unanimous support and which topics split the crowd straight down the middle. The lighthearted drama of the debate paired with the festive decorations for each region made for a great afternoon. I learned a lot but most importantly I have high hopes for my bracket this year and am excited to see the final results!

Jennifer Kaplan, MSIV @KingdomPlantayy

Internal Medicine Resident:

Many residents only experience nephrology on the inpatient consult service, which, although valuable, limits our perception of kidney disease to the acute setting. Fortunately, #NephMadness runs the gamut of topics, from hospitalist medicine, to vasculitis, to transplant, to C3-i and more. It is an excellent demonstration of the diversity and breadth of the field. Moreover, the #NephMadness party at BCM creates a sense of community and inclusivity within the program. Medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty are all invited to present regions of the #NephMadness bracket in both small- and large-group settings (while enjoying pizza and popcorn). As someone interested in a career in nephrology, this event is a way to interact with the fellows and to get face-time with the nephrology faculty.

Jefferson Triozzi, MD @triozzijl

Nephrology Fellow:

#NephMadness is a fun opportunity to learn about nephrology topics in bite-sized, non-textbook language which make it approachable and relaxing! As a first-year fellow, because I have multiple discussions about choice of IV fluids and inpatient hypertension management on a daily basis; I decided to dive deep into learning the Hospitalist Region. I co-piloted my presentation with a resident named Jefferson–see his thoughts above! He summarized perioperative medicine and I discussed the IV fluids bracket. Together we designed and shared a handout for our winning pick. This handout was received well and, as a bonus, helped sway the audience in our favor. I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of medical students and residents present. Thanks to the power of social media, the turnout for #NephMadness (previously only nephrology fellows and a couple attendings) has grown.

Sayna Norouzi, MD @Saynanorouzi


This year, I had the honor of hosting the Baylor #NephMadness bracket filling party. The room followed each fellow’s presentation along with the official #NephMadness PowerPoint presentation before voting. Being in the front of the audience tallying the votes, I could see how excited and energized the room was as we progressed through our bracket. This energy was only partly attributed to the bracket filling; it was mostly due to the number of sugary treats brought to represent the brackets! Thanks to the support of the Section of Nephrology, we were able to throw a successful party this year! #NephMadness is a marvelous way for everyone along the medical professional food chain to engage in a little friendly competition whilst learning together in a relaxed/entertaining environment.

Natasha N. Dave, MD @natashaNDave

Dr. Dave is wearing a Nephrun T-shirt and Dr. Norouzi had a #NephMadness cap!

Cereal (Lucky charms) = C3 section
Bottle pops = Dry on dialysis
Sour flush = Wet on dialysis
Black bullet Mario Kart sour treat = Substance toxicity
Popcorn = Bile casts section
Dumb dumb lollipops = Old school
Twizzlers = Hyperaldosterone section
Skittles = Opiates, NSAIDs
Ring pops = Lactated ringers
Starbursts = Tramadol, GABAnergics
Star Wars (May the force be with you) Coloring Books = Terlipressin, Norepinephrine
Normal saline and Lactated ringers to represent their respective sections were tried by a brave few after the festivities
Red, white and blue sparkly mini hats = US HTN guidelines
Blue beaded bracelet = Light chains
Mini microscopes = ANCA vasculitis
Maintaining the basketball theme, we also passed out miniature basketballs/trophies to everyone as well!

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