How to organize your PDF library?

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My second blog post is about “How to organize your PDF library” in a way that you can easily retrieve papers you need without being in a mess. Despite it is not so easy, but these ways can facilitate your work. Try it!


Outside my Comfort Zone. The Overlap Between Nephrology and Obstetric Medicine


My first assignment as a NSMC intern was to write a blog post . This blog post  could be on anything I wanted. I decided to write a piece on working outside my usual comfort zone as an obstetric medicine registrar and the overlap with nephrology . You can read my piece here:

This piece only covers a few of the many examples of the interaction between nephrology and obstetric medicine.

The C Words: Chronicity, Cure & Care and the History of Hospital Medicine

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My first blog post for Renal Fellow Network – a reflective piece on the challenges we’ve inherited from the history of hospital development.

Dialysis vascular access in the elderly – The jury is still out

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My First Blog post in renal fellow network published on Tuesday 20th February, 2018. Mentored by prof Edgar Lerma and Dr. Nikhil Shah. The topic highlight the debate around the type of vascular access for elderly patients.

Dialysis vascular access in the elderly – The jury is still out

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Looking for my next one soon!

NSMC Intern, Lekha Tummalapalli is an ASN Public Policy Intern


The ASN just announced their public policy interns for 2018 and NSMC Intern Lekha Tummalapalli was named. Congratulations. She is actually continuing a tradition as Scherly Leon, part of our first class of interns was also a public policy intern.